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What’s In Store For Canada This Winter?

It's Baaaack!

Return of the Ice Cold Winter!

2017 Farmers' Almanac
The Canadian Farmers’ Almanac's long-range predictions forewarn of a colder-than-normal winter for three-quarters of Canada.

Exceptionally cold–if not downright frigid–winter weather will predominate over parts of the Rockies, Prairies, Great Lakes, Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces. Newfoundland and Labrador are expected to be cold and flaky. In contrast, milder-than-normal temperatures will prevail over British Columbia.

Canadian Winter Weather Map

And Winter Might Start A Bit Early!

An active storm track will deliver above normal precipitation to Quebec and the Maritimes. In addition, this winter will bring an active storm track from the Pacific, which will deliver a dose of turbulent weather, accompanied by above-normal precipitation across British Columbia. Meanwhile, varying degrees of snowfall will affect the Prairie Provinces.

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Unforgettable February

You should note that between February 16-19, a small, but intense storm will develop near the Mid-Atlantic Coast of the U.S. and deliver a heavy snowstorm with strong winds to parts of Nova Scotia with up to 30 cm accumulations.

The Canadian Farmers’ Almanac is also are forecasting an extreme spell of cold weather over the eastern three-quarters of Canada during mid-February, with some locations experiencing temperatures as low as 40 below zero (the same on both the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales).

When will it end? And what’s the outlook for spring, summer? It’s all in the 2017 Canadian Farmers’ Almanac.

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