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Category — Healthy Living

10 Reasons To Try Mineral-Rich Bone Broth

Grandma was on to something with her homemade chicken soup. Learn why mineral-rich bone broth is simmering in kitchens everywhere, and how to make it correctly to get all its important health benefits.

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6 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Try Persimmon Fruit

It looks like a tomato and can predict the weather, but this delicious fruit is a nutrition powerhouse. Find out why it earns the name “The Divine Fruit.”

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5 Healthy Secrets About Spinach

Bye, bye boring kale. Spinach is back! Here are 5 things you may not have known about Popeye’s—and America’s — favorite leafy green.

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3 Fats You Should Include In Your Diet

There are fats that we should avoid and fats that we should consume daily for essential, health-boosting, and nutritional benefits. Here are three healthy fats you should try to eat.

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12 Amazing Uses of All-Natural Castile Soap

Looking for one soap that does it all? Castile soap may be your answer.

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Natural Ways To Quit Smoking

Here are some safe, natural tips to help you conquer quitting smoking once and for all.

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Natural Ways to Soothe Sore Muscles

Sometimes working in the garden, trying a new exercise or even household chores can cause muscles to ache. Check out these top tips on how to naturally soothe sore muscles.

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Ten Tips for Controlling Shedding

Don’t avoid wearing black this season. Try these tips to help control your dog’s shedding.

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