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This Month: Mars and Jupiter: Sights To Behold

Both planets will be bright and easy to spot this month. Learn when and where to look!

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Comet Crumbs Light Up The Sky!

You might wonder, “What’s the point of getting up before dawn to watch?” The answer is you might still see something spectacular! Learn more!

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When Is The Best Time To Observe The Moon?

Most might say when it’s full, but that’s probably the worst time to look at it! Learn why.

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Look Up! A Stargazer’s Guide to May 2017

There’s a lot going on in the sky this month, including a meteor shower, a full Moon, and some spectacular celestial pairings!

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A Spring Constellation To Crow About

Many of the 88 recognized constellations in the night sky are birds. Learn the legend behind the most famous of them.

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This Week: The Stars of Leo Shine Brightly

Learn about the stars that make up the constellation Leo the Lion, now visible in the spring night sky.

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This Year’s Lyrids Will Not Disappoint

The annual Lyrid Meteor Shower arrives this week. Find out how many shooting stars you can expect to see!

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This Month: Jupiter Shines Bigger and Brighter

Grab your telescopes! There’s a lot going on with the big gas giant during April. Learn more.

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