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Category — Weather

What Causes The Smell Of Rain?

When it comes to summertime scents, this one is certainly the best. Find out exactly why a good rain makes the air smell so nice!

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Dowsing: Is It Fact or Fake?

Locating water underground using a stick? Is it pseudoscience or the real deal? Find out!

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Is That A Face In The Clouds? The Science of Pareidolia

We’ve all seen shapes or images that look like something or someone else. Learn more about this phenomenon!

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Scuds, Gustnadoes, and Other Scary Clouds That Look Like Tornadoes

Learn all about the many cloud formations that are often mistaken for the real thing, photos included!

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How Do Weather Sticks Work?

A stick that predicts the weather? Learn the science behind nature!

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Why Are They Called “Dog Days” of Summer?

Where did the term come from? And what does it have to do with dogs? Find out!

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Canada Day 2015 Forecast

July 1 is Canada Day! Before you make your holiday plans, be sure to read our forecast first!

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Get Our July 4th Forecast!

Before you make your plans for a cookout and fireworks, check out our weather forecast first!

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