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Northeast U.S.

Long Range Weather Forecast for
Dec 16th, 2014 - Feb 15th, 2015

December 2014
16th-19th. Very unsettled; Northeast storm brings copious precipitation, strong winds.
20th-23rd. Lingering showers of rain, wet snow.
24th-27th. Rain, wet snow showers.
28th-31st. Blustery, colder with frequent snow showers, flurries.

January 2015
1st-3rd. Stormy: snow mountains, wet coastal plain. Umbrellas up for the Mummers Parade.
4th-7th. A storm moving from the Mid-Atlantic to Cape Cod area brings some significant snow (3-6 inches).
8th-11th. Another storm; a "coast hugger," brings strong winds, heavy precipitation; rain or wintry mix coast and snow inland.
12th-15th. Stormy, then fair skies. New England: snowy and windy. Windswept rains for the Mid-Atlantic area.
16th-19th. Wet, unseasonably mild temps.
20th-23rd. Fair, very cold.
24th-27th. Snow for the Mid-Atlantic area to New England.
28th-31st. Arctic front brings very cold air. Heavy lake-effect snow showers and squalls.

February 2015
1st-3rd. Unsettled skies, a few flakes for Groundhog Day, then clearing and cold.
4th-7th. A storm intensifies off NJ as it moves northeast. 4 to 8 inches of snow from New York City, points north, east; lesser snow amounts south and west.
8th-11th. Light snows, flurries.
12th-15th. Clearing skies and blustery.

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