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Midwest/Great Lakes U.S.

Long Range Weather Forecast for
Nov 20th, 2014 - Jan 19th, 2015

November 2014
20th-23rd. Rain, thunderstorms, especially Great Lakes.
24th-27th. Wet Thanksgiving holiday.
28th-30th. Few rain, wet snow showers. Colder.

December 2014
1st-3rd. Rain, wet snow, then clear and cold.
4th-7th. Heavy rain, wet snow, then very cold air.
8th-11th. A "winterlude"–tranquil, but very cold.
12th-15th. Scattered snow showers, flurries.
16th-19th. Mainly cloudy, but little significant precipitation. Nights are seasonably cold; days are milder.
20th-23rd. Rain and/or snow.
24th-27th. Sunny, cold for Christmas.
28th-31st. Cold, dry end to 2014.

January 2015
1st-3rd. Clearing skies.
4th-7th. Fair, then cold and snowy.
8th-11th. Snow spreads in from the west with some significant accumulations.
12th-15th. Snowy, then fair/cold.
16th-19th. Blustery winds.

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