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Farmers Almanac
The 2014 Farmers Almanac
Farmers' Almanac

Category — Food and Recipes

Make Your Own Chunky Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream

Check out this tasty, healthy, and easy to make seasonal favorite that requires no churning, and no ice cream maker. All you need is a blender!

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Move Over Ketchup. It’s National Mustard Day.

August 2nd is National Mustard Day. Learn more about this popular condiment and check out some tasty recipes.

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Why Blueberries Are A Must Eat Food

Blueberries are one of Mother Nature’s most healthy super foods around. Check out why you should be sure to eat them this month.

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Drink Your Vinegar

Looking for a refreshing beverage to beat the summer heat? If you’ve had your fill of lemonade and iced tea, why not give drinking vinegars a try?

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Tasty Super Foods On The Grill

Yes you can grill beans, grains, lentils, nuts, and other super foods on the grill. Here’s how.

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Ice Cube Herbs

Freeze fresh cut herbs in coconut oil or olive oil in these 3 easy steps!

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You Can Grill That?!

Move over hamburgers and hot dogs, here comes grilled kale, lettuce, and peaches. Grilling options that are sure to make your mouth water.

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Healthier Onion Rings for Onion Ring Day

Move over French fries – here comes some healthy and tasty recipes for onion rings in honor of national onion ring day, June 22.

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