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Farmers Almanac
The 2017 Farmers Almanac
Farmers' Almanac

Category — Food and Recipes

Apple Scrap Jelly

Waste not, want not, we always say. Save those cores and peels from pie making and create a delicious jelly. Get the recipe here!

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3 Tasty Ways To Use Up Leftover Halloween Candy

Try these yummy recipes that kids and adults alike will enjoy!

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2 Tasty Persimmon Recipes To Try

Persimmons are soft, sweet, edible fruits that are loaded with nutrients. But what exactly can you do with them? We have two perfect answers!

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5 Regional Soft Drinks that Everyone Should Try

Ever try Apple Beer? How about Dr. Enuf Energy Booster? Check out this list of interesting regional soft drinks.

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Make Your Own Pickles – It’s Easy

Got lots of cucumbers this time of year? Here are two easy recipes for homemade pickles that don’t require a lot of time or effort.

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Farmers’ Almanac Lemon Recipe Winners

Check out our winning recipe from last year’s cooking contest! It’s one of our staff’s new favorites!

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Delicious, Easy-to-Make Salad Dressings

Check out these delicious homemade salad dressings that may convince you to never buy store bought dressings again!

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5 Compelling Reasons To Try Freekeh – The New Super Grain

Move over quinoa. There’s a new super grain on the horizon. Learn more about freekeh and why it’s so healthy for you.

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