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Viewing Satellites in the Sky

Move over stars. Here’s how to look for satellites in the night sky.

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Looking Up: A Stargazer’s Guide to July 2016

July is a great time to stargaze. Check out what and when to look for stars, planets and more this month.

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Earliest Summer Solstice in 120 Years

This year summer officially starts the earliest it has in 120 years. Read on for more summer solstice facts and trivia.

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This Week’s Sky Show Features Saturn

Saturn, the solar system’s “Lord of the Rings,” is currently enjoying its finest month of visibility since the 2004. Learn more about where and when to catch a glimpse of this shining “star.”

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A Look at Libra

A look at a mispronounced constellation in the sky.

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Looking Up: A Stargazer’s Guide to June 2016

A summer triangle, earliest sunrise, Mars, and more. Find out what to look for in the night sky this month.

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How Dark Is Your Night Sky?

Here’s a great way to test how dark you night sky is, which will tell you how successful you’ll be at stargazing.

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What is Moon Illusion?

Ever notice how big the Moon appears at times or in pictures? It’s called Moon Illusion. Learn more.

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