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Mars Meets Its Rival

Later this month, Mars will pass relatively near to its “rival,” the star Antares. Who will outshine?

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Get Ready For The Autumnal Equinox!

The Autumnal Equinox happens this month and signifies the official change of seasons. Learn more!

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What is “False Dawn,” or The Zodiacal Light?

In the fall, this ghostly glow can be seen extending up from the horizon before the sun rises. Learn more!

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Looking Up: A Stargazer’s Guide To September 2014

Find out what will be in the night sky during the month of September!

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The Summer Milky Way

With the bright Moon gone from our evening sky, now is the best time to enjoy viewing the summer Milky Way.

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The Moon’s Tycho Crater

We know the Moon’s surface is full of craters, but one in particular, formed 108 million years ago, gets a lot of attention.

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The Moonlit Perseids

The best opportunities for viewing one of the most widely observed meteor displays are this week!

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Sundials. Where Time Began.

It’s hard to imagine, but this simple device once served entire civilizations as the means to tell time.

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