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Category — Astronomy

Looking Up: A Stargazer’s Guide to July 2014

Find out what and when to look up in the sky for astronomical events.

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Little Fox In The Sky

This summer while star gazing look for the little fox in the sky. Here’s how and why.

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Summer’s Arrival in the Sky

A look at what is happening in our atmosphere as we start summer this week.

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Out Of This World Summer

Ever wonder what the seasons are like on other planets? Or how you could make the summer last a little longer? Check out this fascinating galactic weather overview.

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Can You See Through The Clouds With A Telescope?

Telescopes work wonderfully but can they really see through clouds?!

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Looking Up: A Stargazer’s Guide to June 2014

As the weather warms and you spend more time outside, don’t forget to look up in the sky for some beautiful and natural wonders.

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A Meteor Outburst on May 24th

Early Saturday morning we may have great seats for viewing a fantastic meteor shower.

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What is a Satellite?

Ever wonder what purpose satellites serve? Or how many there are out there?

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