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Why Do We Garden By The Moon?

How can a chunk of rock more than 200,000 miles away affect how plants on Earth grow? Find out!

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Now It’s The Moon’s Turn To Be Totally Eclipsed!

April’s Full Pink Moon will become totally immersed in the Earth’s shadow. Find out where and when to view!

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Looking Up: A Stargazer’s Guide To April 2015

A full Moon, a lunar eclipse, meteor showers, and more, light up the night sky this month. Learn where and when you can see these spectacular celestial events!

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Jupiter Mingles With The Moon On March 29th

Sky watchers, take note! Head outside to see these celestial bodies in close proximity. Learn when and where to look!

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Welcome Spring With The Vernal Equinox

Learn the science behind the official first day of the new season.

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Spring Arrives With A Solar Blackout!

On March 20th, the Moon will completely cover the Sun, resulting in a total solar eclipse. Learn where it will be visible!

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See The Moon and Saturn In The Predawn Sky, March 12th

On Thursday, enjoy this close encounter, no spaceship needed!

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Understanding The Phases Of The Moon

Here’s a “crash course” on understanding the lunar cycle.

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