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Do Raindrops Have A Shape?

Are raindrops really tear-shaped when they fall from the sky? How fast do they fall? We explore some questions about raindrops and provide the scientific answers!

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Thanksgiving 2015 Forecast

If you’re headed over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house this Thanksgiving, you may want to check our long-range weather forecast first!

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Is The Current Drought The Worst On Record?

How does the current drought measure up to droughts of the past? We explain.

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What Are Fogbows?

Will you spot one of these “ghost rainbows” in time for Halloween? Read how the conditions have to be just right for this beautiful, natural phenomenon to form!

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What Caused the Historic Flooding in South Carolina?

South Carolina has had heavy rain before, why did it cause such devastation this time? We explain the unique factors that combined to produce this “storm of the millennium.”

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Will Halloween Be Thrilling or Chilling?

Should you wrap up in a mummy costume this year? Or perhaps carry an umbrella? Get our Halloween weather forecast now.

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Where Did The Term “Under The Weather” Come From?

We know what it means, but where did it originate? Find out.

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Top 10 Cloudiest U.S. States

Which ten states are under the clouds most of the year? Are you living in one of them? We have the list!

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