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2011 Beach Forecast

2011 Beach Forecast

Though the calendar may not agree for another couple of weeks, summer has essentially arrived. In the 2011 edition of the Farmers’ Almanac, we predicted a stormy summer for much of the eastern half of North America, with more pleasant conditions farther west. Temperatures should be very hot in many regions. The La Niña system that brought us such brutal winter weather seems to have finally passed.

Even with so much rain forecast for the East Coast, there should still be a few good days to hit the beach. On the West Coast, nearly the entire summer will seem ideal for basking in the Sun. As with any summer, though, some days will be better than others.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled this handy list of the best days to hit the beach this summer. Whether you enjoy hitting the waves, or just tucking into a great new summer read under the shade of your umbrella, you and your family are sure to have some waterside fun on the following days:

June: 20th-23rd, 26th-27th, 28th-30th.
July: 4th-7th, 24th-25th.
August: 1st, 4th-5th, 12th-15th, 20th-21st, 28th-31st.

Great Lakes
June: 8th-11th, 12th-15th, 20th-30th.
July: 4th-7th, 16th-19th.
August: 12th-15th, 24th-27th.

June: 8th-15th, 20th-23rd, 28th-30th.
July: 4th-11th, 24th, 25th.
August: 1st, 4th-7th, 20th, 21st.

June: 4th-7th, 12th-15th, 24th-27th.
July: 1st-3rd, 16th-19th, 28th-31st.
August: 1st-7th, 12th-19th, 24th-27th.

Pacific Northwest
June: 4th-11th, 16th-19th, 24th-27th.
July: 1st-3rd, 4th-19th, 28th-31st.
August: 8th-11th, 16th-19th, 24th-27th.

June: 4th-19th, 24th-30th.
July: 1st-9th, 12th-31st.
August: 8th-19th, 24th-27th.

Canadian Maritimes
June: 12th-15th, 20th-23rd 26th-30th.
July: 30th, 31st.
August: 1st, 4th, 5th, 12th-15th, 20th-23rd, 28th-31st.

June: 6th-15th, 20th-30th.
July: 3rd-7th, 16th-19th.
August: 12th-15th, 24th-27th.

British Columbia
June: 4th-11th, 16th-19th, 24th-30th
July: 1st-9th, 12th-19th, 28th-31st
August: 8th-11th, 16th-19th.

For more detailed predictions for your region, be sure to check out our Long Range Forecast.


1 donna { 06.15.11 at 11:58 am }

the crazy weather has to do with the la nina weather pattern which lifts the jet stream farther up towards canada, bringing moisture from the gulf of mexico. it in turns brings heat from the desert and sucks this all up into way too many tornado’s, puts the east coast in alot of rain and puts everywhere else in alot of heat. it doesn’t happen to often, the la nina weather pattern, but when it does our weather pattern goes nuts. we had one back in 1979 when my first son was born, same crazy weather. i know that we won’t have hurricanes hitting the east coast but will have alot of tropical storms and depressions coming thru.

2 jacqueline walls { 06.15.11 at 10:49 am }

Kentucky is in the Great Lakes area

3 Scarlette { 06.15.11 at 9:34 am }

Mr. Weatherbee, Why are we having such a strange winter/spring/and probably summer? There’s been a lot of record-breaking weather (or close to it). Why is it so hot in Texas already? Thank you :)

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