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Farmers’ Almanac 2009 Fall Forecast

Farmers’ Almanac 2009 Fall Forecast

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, autumn officially begins on September 22, 2009 at 5:18 pm EDT, and the Farmers’ Almanac’s autumn forecast for most parts of North America can be summed up in three words — wet, wet, wet!

As summer slips into autumn, it looks as though there will be no respite in sight for residents of regions that experienced a cold, rainy summer. The Southeastern United States, especially, will see a soggy start to autumn, with rain also dominating in the Northeast, Great Lakes and South Central states over the coming weeks.

The Great Lakes and Plains can also expect and early frost, or even a deep freeze, at the end of September, a precursor to the bitterly cold winter we’ve predicted for the region.

Moving into October, a cold, dry spell will grip New England, while cold rains fall on the Midwest. Mountain dwellers in the Rockies and parts of Arizona can look forward to early snowfall this year, with flurries falling in the opening weeks of October.

In the Southern half of the country, though, summer will hold on a bit longer. Warm weather will linger through October, with heavy rains on tap for Southeastern and Central states.

November will bring rainy, cold, unsettled conditions for most regions, with light Thanksgiving snow for New England, the Great Lakes and mountainous regions of the Southwest.

For a more detailed weather outlook, be sure to check out the Farmers’ Almanac long range weather forecast for your region!

UPDATE: Live in the Northwestern United States? Planning to visit there this fall? Don’t worry, we haven’t competely forgotten you. See our outlook specifically for your region.

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