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Weather History Results for Bailey, CO (80421) May 12th, 2006

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On May 12th, 2006, the closest available weather station to Bailey, CO (WILKERSON PASS, CO), reported the following conditions:

High Temp: 59°F *
Low Temp: 35.6°F *
Average Temp: 44.2°F( 24 )
Dewpoint: 1.2°F( 24 )
Sea Level Pressure: n/a
Station Pressure: n/a
Visibility: 10 miles( 24 )
Wind Speed: 5.6 knots( 24 )
Max Wind Speed: 12 knots
Max Wind Gust: 22 knots
Precipitation Amount: 0 inches I
Snow Depth: n/a
Observations: n/a
  • ( number ) = Number of observations used in calculating result for the day.
  • * = Indicates max temp was derived from the hourly data (i.e., highest hourly or synoptic-reported temperature), and not from the explicit max temp report.
  • I = Station did not report any precipitation data for the day and did not report any occurrences of precipitation in its hourly observations–it's still possible that precipitation occurred but was not reported.
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