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Weather History Results for Glen Arbor, MI (49636) May 31st, 2006

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On May 31st, 2006, the closest available weather station to Glen Arbor, MI (TRAVERSE CITY CHERRY CAPITAL, MI), reported the following conditions:

High Temp: 73.9°F
Low Temp: 61°F
Average Temp: 64.2°F( 24 )
Dewpoint: 60.7°F( 24 )
Sea Level Pressure: 1018.4 mb( 17 )
Station Pressure: 995.4 mb( 24 )
Visibility: 7.2 miles( 24 )
Wind Speed: 2.2 knots( 24 )
Max Wind Speed: 8 knots
Max Wind Gust: n/a
Precipitation Amount: 0.28 inches G
Snow Depth: n/a
Observations: Fog, Rain/Drizzle
  • ( number ) = Number of observations used in calculating result for the day.
  • G = 1 report of 24-hour precipitation amount.
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