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Peak Fall Foliage Dates

Peak Fall Foliage Dates

The following list provides the probable dates for peak fall color in 2014:

Alabama: Oct. 19-Nov. 4
Arizona: Oct. 5-21
Arkansas: Oct. 19-Nov. 4; (Ozarks) Oct. 12-28
California: Oct. 15-31
Colorado: Oct. 5-14
Connecticut: Oct. 12-28
Delaware: Oct. 19-Nov. 4
Florida: Nov. 2-11
Georgia: Oct. 19-Nov. 4
Idaho: Oct. 5-21
Illinois: (Northern) Oct. 5-21; (Southern) Oct. 12-28
Indiana: (Northern) Oct. 5-21; (Southern) Oct. 12-28
Iowa: Oct. 5-21
Kansas: (Northern) Oct. 5-21; (Southern) Oct. 12-28
Kentucky: (Eastern) Oct. 5-21; (Western) Oct. 12-28
Louisiana: Nov. 2-11
Maine: (Inland) Oct. 1-17; (Coastal) Oct. 5-21
Maryland: (Inland) Oct. 12-28; (Coastal) Oct. 19-Nov. 4
Massachusetts: (Inland) Oct. 5-21; (Coastal) Oct. 12-28
Michigan: (Northern) Oct. 1-17; (Southern) Oct. 5-21
Minnesota: (Northern) Oct. 1-17; (Southern) Oct. 5-21
Mississippi : Oct. 19-Nov. 4
Missouri: (Northern) Oct. 5-21; (Southern) Oct. 12-28
Montana: (Central) Sept. 28-Oct. 9; (Western) Oct. 5-21
Nebraska: Oct. 5-21
Nevada: Oct. 12-28
New Hampshire: (Inland) Sept. 28-Oct. 9; (Coastal) Oct. 5-21
New Jersey: (Inland) Oct. 12-28; (Coastal) Oct. 19-Nov. 4
New Mexico: Sept. 28-Oct. 9
New York: Sept. 28-Oct. 28, depending on elevation and distance from the coast.
North Carolina: (Inland) Oct. 12-28; (Coastal) Oct. 19-Nov. 4
North Dakota: Oct. 5-21
Ohio: Oct. 5-21
Oklahoma: Oct. 26-Nov. 4
Oregon: Oct. 12-28
Pennsylvania: Oct. 5-21
Rhode Island: Oct. 12-28
South Carolina: Oct. 19-Nov. 4
South Dakota: Oct. 5-21
Tennessee: Oct. 12-28
Texas: Nov. 2-11
Utah: Oct. 5-21
Vermont: (Northern) Sept. 24-Oct. 10; (Southern) Oct. 5-14
Virginia: (Inland) Oct. 12-28; (Coastal) Oct. 19-Nov. 4
Washington: Oct. 12-28
West Virginia: Oct. 5-21
Wisconsin: Oct. 5-14
Wyoming: Oct. 5-14

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