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The 2014 Farmers Almanac
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Category — Home and Garden

Growing Superior Succulents

You don’t have to live in the desert to enjoy succulents. Keep your cacti content with these expert tips!

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Child’s Play: Save Money with Homemade Baby Toys

Don’t spend a fortune on baby toys, when you can use your time, talents, and love to make some truly memorable toys!

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Eggshells: Nature’s Perfect Seed Starters

Don’t spend good money on throwaway plastic seed starters. Use the ones nature provides for free!

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Choosing a Grow Light

Choosing the right grow light can be the key to healthy, sturdy plants. Learn more!

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Keep Your Valentine Flowers Fresh!

Follow these seven tips to help those lovely roses, tulips, daffodils, and other fresh cut flowers last longer than your box of chocolates!

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Eliminate Mold and Mildew Naturally!

Get rid of stubborn, unsightly mold and mildew without resorting to toxic chemicals!

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Put on the Dog with a Winter “Yappy Hour!”

Cure cabin fever, for you and your canine comrades, with a four-footed fete!

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Making Baby’s Room a Family Affair

Do you have a new arrival on the way? Involve the whole family in creating the perfect place for baby!

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