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Farmers Almanac
The 2015 Farmers Almanac
Farmers' Almanac

Category — Home and Garden

Seed Starting Basics

Now is the perfect time to plan your spring garden! Our expert weighs in on how to get started.

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5 Gadgets Every Kitchen Needs

Which five tools help you get dinner on the table in a snap? Get the answer here.

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Teaching Children Etiquette

Teaching your children manners is easier than you think. Our tips make it fun. You’re welcome!

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Two Common Laundry Room Mistakes You May Be Making!

Are you doing laundry wrong? Get the answer now!

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History of Birthdays

Ever wonder why we celebrate our birthdays, and how the traditions of cake, ice cream and singing came to be?

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Garden Damage Control During Weather Extremes

Our expert weighs in on caring for your garden through drought or heavy rains.

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Have Yourself An Old-Fashioned Christmas!

Why not take a step back in time and make some homemade, vintage-style holiday treats and decorations?

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Create Holiday Traditions Outdoors!

Make the most of this magical season by getting outside and creating some new traditions!

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If you notice a hole in the upper left-hand corner of your Farmers' Almanac, don't return it to the store! That hole isn't a defect; it's a part of history. Starting with the first edition of the Farmers' Almanac in 1818, readers used to nail holes into the corners to hang it up in their homes, barns, and outhouses (to provide both reading material and toilet paper). In 1910, the Almanac's publishers began pre-drilling holes in the corners to make it even easier for readers to keep all of that invaluable information (and paper) handy.