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Congested? Try a Breathe-Easy Bath!

Congested? Try a Breathe-Easy Bath!

Do you have a cold or sinus congestion? If you’ve ever held your head over a pot of steaming vapors to clear your sinus passages, there’s another method that’s just as effective, yet more convenient and comfortable.

Take a therapeutic, relaxing bath to clear that stuffy nose.

Fill your bath tub with very warm water.

While the bath water is running, add the following essential oils:

5 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil,
3 drops of Lemon essential oil, and
3 drops of Peppermint essential oil.

Stir the water to ensure that the oils have dispersed into the water. Recline in the tub and inhale the therapeutic, fragrant steam for at least 15 minutes, to help clear congested respiratory passages and to treat colds.

While soaking, dip a wash cloth in the bath water, and then wring slightly. Close your eyes and place the warm, wet cloth across the bridge of your nose and sinuses for two minutes. (Keep vapors and oils away from the eyes.) Repeat process several times.

At the end of your bath, you should be breathing easier.

(Some essential oils can be irritating to sensitive skin. When in doubt, consult your distributor or an Aromatherapy or Essential Oils reference book for more information).

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