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Go to Sleep – Naturally

Go to Sleep – Naturally

Getting a restful night’s sleep is a real challenge for many, especially during the holidays. (Those suffering from serious medical illnesses such as arthritis, anxiety disorder, muscle aches or depression are prone to insomnia).

If you need help, and don’t have any apparent medical problems, here are some natural solutions:

Avoid The Following Two Hours Prior to Bedtime:

  • Avoid stimulating substances and beverages, which include: alcohol, tobacco, caffeinated beverages, cold medicines and nasal decongestants.
  • Don’t consume bacon, ham, chocolate, sausage, wine, cheese and tomatoes. All contain tyramine, a brain stimulant, and can keep you awake.
  • Don’t exercise close to bedtime.
  • Avoid eating heavy, late meals and spicy foods.
  • Don’t take your work to the bedroom. Your bedroom should be reserved as a place of rest and relaxation.
  • Avoid having serious family discussions and activities that are stressful or cause tension just before going to bed.

Promoting Restful Sleep:

  • Take a walk or exercise earlier in the day or in the early evening. If you spend most of your time indoors, take the stairs whenever possible. A sedentary lifestyle encourages sleep disorders. Regular exercise improves the quality of your sleep.
  • Establish a routine time for going to bed and waking up each day and stick to this healthy habit.
  • Foods that are high in trytophan promote sleep. Consuming turkey, bananas, grapefruit, yogurt, milk, tuna, dates, figs and whole grain crackers and nut butter encourage sleep. These foods are okay to eat close to bedtime.
  • Take a warm or hot soak in the bath or hot tub to unwind. Listen to relaxing, soothing music while bathing instead of watching TV.
  • Drink herbal teas such as chamomile or catnip to help you relax.
  • Read an inspirational article or other uplifting writings such as poetry or the Bible before retiring. Prayer is soothing to the body and soul.
  • Make sure you have a comfortable mattress. The room itself should be quiet, dark and cool. Your bedroom should be a haven for rest and relaxation.

Note: If you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep regularly instead of on occasion, keep a log of your sleep problems and consult a doctor.

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