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Category — Food and Recipes

What The Heck Is Matcha?

Matcha is turning up everywhere, in lattes, energy drinks and baked goods. We tell you what it is exactly, and why everyone is talking about it.

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How Did Your Sandwich Become A Hero?

Here’s a breakdown of regional differences in these all-American favorites, including what to call them, wherever you are!

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11 Foods That Curb Hunger

Learn which nutritional multi-taskers help keep you satisfied and on track with your healthy eating and weight loss efforts.

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Make Your Own Almond Milk!

Check out this fun and easy way to make your own milk — no cows required!

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Think Outside The Cereal Box: Salad For Breakfast!

It’s time to step beyond the classic cold cereal in the morning! Why not mix it up with these delicious recipes and fuel your day right?

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Make Your Own Pita Bread!

Warm, homemade pita is superior over store-bought, which can be loaded with preservatives. Try our recipe which uses a traditional stove-top method.

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Foods For Passover

Learn about some of the special foods served at a traditional Seder Dinner, with dessert recipes included!

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Cashews, The Other Dairy Product

Everyone’s favorite nut has a secret: it can double as a dairy substitute in a variety of scrumptious recipes. Learn more!

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