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5 Surprising Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Make In A Crock Pot

Your favorite appliance does more than soups and stews! Put it to work in a new way with these easy and delicious recipes!

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Are You Ready for National Lobster Day?

Do you have what it takes to crack into this succulent crustacean? Be armed and ready with trivia, plus tips on how to eat them the “Maine” way!

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Why You Need To Own A Potato Ricer

Meet your new go-to kitchen gadget! Learn how easy it is to create the smoothest mashed potatoes, guacamole, and more!

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The Bacon Boom: Why Bacon Is Sizzling In Popularity

Who doesn’t love a BLT? Read how bacon has achieved super-star status in the food world and check out this mouthwatering recipe!

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Wild Edibles: Sumac Berries

Don’t worry, they’re not poisonous! Learn how these crazy-looking clusters of red berries are used in dishes around the world, and try a tasty “lemonade” recipe!

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Winning Muffin Recipes

Last year we asked for the most unique, unusual, and tasty muffin recipes featuring an unusual ingredient. Well, we got what we asked for! Check out these winning recipes!

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What The Heck Is Switchel?

What did people drink to quench their thirst out in the fields before there was soda or sports drinks? Find out!

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Summer Vegetable Gratin

The perfect side dish for when your garden is overrun with zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant and tomatoes. Start cooking!

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