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Ten Ways to Stay Trim

Ten Ways to Stay Trim

The holidays are upon us once again, and maybe you’re still trying to lose those extra pounds from last year’s celebration. The holiday season is laden with high-calorie temptations and opportunities to overeat. The good news is you can still indulge your taste buds as long as you remember to keep it in moderation. Give these tips a try to make it through the holidays with your waistline intact.

  • Don’t fast in anticipation of a feast. Starving yourself all day before the evening’s big party will only increase the likelihood of overeating. You are better off eating a normal breakfast and lunch.
  • Spend calories wisely. Before loading your plate, scope out the buffet table and decide what appeals to you most. Think about it — is it really worth eating the chips and salsa you can have everyday? Instead, go for the traditional holiday favorites you get only once a year.
  • Moderate serving sizes. Dish out reasonable portion sizes. A general rule of thumb is one portion equals the size of your fist. And are second helpings really necessary when the dessert table is yet to be conquered?
  • Eat slowly. You will consume less, and it will allow your brain ample time to receive the message from your stomach that it is full.
  • Remember beverages have calories too. Drinks can quickly boost your caloric intake. Go easy on the eggnog and limit alcohol consumption. Opt for diet sodas over regular, and drink plenty of water.
  • Politely refuse “food pushers.” Compliment and thank the cook for a delicious meal, but stick to your decision not to stuff yourself like the turkey.
  • Take time for exercise. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the holiday season deter you from a normal exercise routine. It will help work off those extra calories and has the side benefit of relieving holiday stress.
  • Take advantage of the season’s healthy foods. Turkey, sweet potatoes, and vegetables will help satisfy your hunger and keep you from overdosing on the desserts.
  • Get recipes of foods you must have. If you know you can make that tempting treat later, you’re less likely to binge on it now.
  • Focus on people instead of the food. Avoid hovering over the buffet table and enjoy mingling!
  • So go ahead and enjoy the foods of the season, knowing you are going in with a plan. Simply put — eat responsibly!

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