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Spring Has Sprung

It’s April. While the weather hasn’t been the nicest in many areas, there’s no doubting that spring is here. The birds are chirping, the spring peppers are singing, and the sun is stronger. April is a great time to get outdoors.

Most of you know that the Farmers’ Almanac and its web site provide weather predictions, but did you also know we provide some great resources for the spring. These resources include:

Average Last Frost Dates: Many people have holidays or old sayings that they use to know when the “best” times are to finally plant the garden, but if you’d like to check a useful chart, be sure to look at our average frost dates calendar.

Gardening by the Moon
: Our Gardening by the Moon calendar suggests best time to plant, transplant, weed, fertilize and a variety of other gardening chores. This calendar is based on a long-time tradition and belief that the Moon has a major affect on our planet. While there are no guarantees that by following this calendar you’ll have the greenest garden, many people do swear they get the best results when they do in fact plant by the moon. Check it out and remember, these suggestions are where the climate and weather permits.

Tides: Spring is also a time to get the boats and fishing rods out. If you’re lucky enough to live by tidal water, we have a great tool that gives tidal information for the whole country. Before you head out, find out when the tides will be high or low.

Fishing: We also have our fishing calendar online which is based on secret formulas, experience and some Moon information. It offers a rating for the day as well as the best time of day to catch the most fish. If you fish, let us know if you follow our calendar and if it worked for you.

Happy spring!


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