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Easy Ways to Make Winter End Soon

This week it feels like spring. It smells a little like spring. Or maybe seeing the sun for two days in a row is making me long for spring. It’s close — 32 days away (spring starts on March 20th this year)–but it is still February, which means we’re not out of the woods just yet.

To help you get in the mood for spring and help make winter end sooner, here are our some tips on ways to help you cope with spring being oh so close, yet so far away:

1.    Attend a flower show. A quick search reveals some major flower shows all over the country. Philadelphia’s International Flower Show is march 6-13th, Boston is March 16-20th, San Francisco, March 23-27, and I’m sure there are local shows in your home state. What a wonderful way to welcome spring. These shows may also give you some ideas on what to try this year in your home garden.

2. Serve summer foods. Why not pick a night and BBQ or cook things you normally do for the 4th of July or summer outings? Try our Mediterranean pasta salad, or mango smoothies, and grilled fish tacos. Serving summer foods may help you feel like warmer weather is on its way.

3.    Get outside. On the days when the temperatures aren’t that cold and the sun is out, take a walk, or go sled riding with the kids. Fresh air is always a good pick me up.

4. Go ahead start that spring cleaning. If you have you any holiday decorations up or perhaps the snow is finally starting to melt enough to reveal the last of the reindeer lawn ornaments, put them away. Snowmen decorations..time to put them away until next year. Why wait until the weather is really nice to clean the house? Who wants to be stuck inside when it’s warm out? Clean out the closets now rather than later.

5. Exercise. Remember that New Year’s resolution? Get up and move around. If you have a gym membership use it. If not just turn some music on and get moving.

6. Plan or go on a vacation. While the idea of getting out of cold dodge may just do the trick, the bank account may not agree with this idea. But why not plan ahead. Plan a summer vacation or maybe a big trip for next winter. The process of planning, dreaming, etc., may just make these last few weeks of winter go by faster.

7. Start your garden. Whether you live in an area that you can actually start seeds very soon (don’t start too early) or just plan your garden, why not start planning now. Maybe you try your hand at one type of garden this year — herb or perennial or even vegetable. Planning makes time go by fast.

So how to you cope with spring fever? Share your strategies and ideas here.


1 blaird38 { 02.20.11 at 11:53 am }

ON Thursday afternoon I cooked some chicken on the grill with the temperatures being well above freezing Now my wife and I got more of an itch to get out and do things. I also made a list of things to do like clean the garage, tune my bike up for the up comming riding season,and tune up my lawn mower Up here in Central New York it’s cold and quite snowy In this neck of the woods we’ll be glad when its gone but as long as it’s here,my wife and I have more things to prepare for spring’s arrival

2 Frutero { 02.17.11 at 11:17 pm }

If your fruit trees are still dormant, it’s a good time to scaffold them. For Floridians, this is when Valencia oranges are prime for picking. From Upper Florida throughout the South, this is when to search and destroy unwanted vegetation just coming in. If weather is open and windy, get yourself a kite. Those cartons that organic eggs come in are perfect for starting large seeds on the window sill.

3 Sandi Duncan { 02.17.11 at 10:43 am }

That’s fantastic. I may try doing that this weekend too – burgers, dogs, ice cream …bring on spring!

4 Outdoorsman { 02.17.11 at 10:05 am }

So, I have #7 accomplished. I’m in the basement with my seeds every day. Last Sunday, I also took care of #2. We always have a big family Sunday dinner. Last week was our turn and I cooked hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. My wife Tami took out her homeade canned relish, sweet pickles and dills. She also made green salad and macaroni salad. I froze out there cooking but, it was well worth it! It might have still been winter outside, but inside at the dinner table everyone felt VERY Sping- “ish”.

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