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Hurricanes, Snowstorms, and Heat Waves …Oh My!

As summer begins to wind down, it seems that the weather is heating up, literally and figuratively. Areas from Maine to Florida to Texas, are currently experience temperatures near or above 90 degrees. There’s a hurricane brewing in the Atlantic Ocean, and the Farmers’ Almanac just released its winter outlook. It’s a wild weather week!

In thinking about hurricanes, I personally have been very fortunate not to have  experienced too much damage or devastation from any hurricanes. I recall one in college – Hurricane Gloria – where we got lots of rain and wind, and another one on the day I started working for the Farmers’ Almanac – Hurricane Bob (very timely if you ask me – start working for the company that produces the Farmers’ Almanac during a hurricane). Hopefully Earl and Fiona will take it easy on us too.

Have you ever experienced the wrath of a direct hurricane hit? Share your story with us.

While we wait and watch these two storms, it’s a good idea to tune into your local news channels and prepare if necessary. One thing you shouldn’t forget is to make sure your pets are safe too if and when a hurricane hits near you.

Right now we’re looking at 6 named storms this season. Here’s a list of the remaining names for 2010. Stay safe.

2010 Hurricane Names: Alex, Bonnie, Colin, Danielle, Earl, Fiona, Gaston, Hermine, Igor, Julia, Karl, Lisa, Matthew, Nicole, Otto, Paula, Richard,  Shary, Tomas ,Virginie ,Walter

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1 Justin { 08.31.10 at 9:17 pm }

I remember running outside as a kid during a hurricane eye passed over the house. I could have seen just that a round eye shapes hole in the clouds and after which when my parents dragged me back in, the winds picked back up and the show kept on going. Havnt seen anything like it since, but I have other wacky weather experiences

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