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A Peek Inside the 2011 Farmers’ Almanac

If you have spent any time on our website, you will notice that our countdown for shipping early 2011 Farmers’ Almanac orders has come and gone. If you, like so many others, can’t wait to get your copy, go online to  our store and order a copy or two.  Meanwhile retail copies should start popping up in local stores next week. And, look for companies who hand out our  smaller promotional edition…for free.  Here at the offices of the Farmers’ Almanac we are gearing up to answer media questions and interviews. Stay tuned and we’ll try to let you know when one of us may be on a local TV show near you.

Last winter 49 states saw snow. In many places it was record amounts. So, what does the winter of 2010/2011 hold in store?  Check back on August 30th for a detailed outlook. It has been encouraging to see how many people follow the signs of winter particularly the acorns and overly enthusiastic squirrels. There have been many comments on previous blogs. And, once I find one, we’ll “examine” the wollyworm caterpillar to see what he or she is forewarning.

Sandi and I know you will enjoy our 194th edition. The Farmers’ Almanac is about the quality of life. We are known for weather but I think you will enjoy a number of articles that help you plan and live a healthy, happy life. Here are a few features that you will be helpful to you:

· What’s your weather personality?  Take the test. Are you a sunshine person or can you be described as “chilly, cool and reserved”?
· 10 Ways to boost your immune system — let’s get ready for the flu season. With advance planning we may not hear about H1N1.
· Amazing health foods — great suggested fruits and veggies that are beneficial in combating arthritis and inflammation.
· Best Days to rake, hunt, fish, cook, home repair and so much more
· Resourceful living — helpful hints you can’t live without, expiration dates on products you buy and getting rid of invasive bugs.
· Friendships that stand the test of time. — We declare 2011 Friendship Year. We report on a group of 10 women who have been like glue since elementary school. Tell us about your special friendship and earn a friendship bracelet. Learn more in the 2011 edition or online.

We are excited about the latest edition and hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it all together!


1 Greg { 08.27.10 at 12:06 pm }

We had an amazing Winter here in Texas in 2009-2010, lovely snow ,LOTS of it. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Texas this years. It seems to be cooling down earlier than usual around here, so it’s got me thinking about the Winter.

2 Lori Robinson { 08.25.10 at 5:54 pm }

I want snow in Maine,This is $$$ Maker for my hubby and last year wasn’t so great!!Plus I love Snow in Maine it’s so pretty!!

3 Michelle { 08.25.10 at 10:51 am }

I live in southeastern Massachusetts. I hope we don’t have a snowy or very cold winter next year. I don’t like winter all that much. Winter in 2010 wasn’t that bad for us, not like the year before. Most of the big snowstorms missed us. I don’t mind if we have a mild winter, with more rain than snow. I still prefer more drier weather.

4 sonnysnow92 { 08.21.10 at 12:47 am }

Im hopeing Southern Illinois hetss quite a bit of snow this year.I love the snow for many reason is’s even my last name.

5 APAVC { 08.19.10 at 10:15 pm }

I cannot wait to see if it is supposed to snow in our area-I love snow! Last year, the deepest snow was 6″, but it was sooooo cold it stayed on the ground literally for a month and accumulated to quite a bit. I would not have nececaraly called it a white Christmas-maybe a brownish-white one though! LET IT SNOW!

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