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The Agony of Defeat

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For some people it is all about winning. For others, it is how you play the game. Each year I look forward to Columbus Day for the Giant Pumpkin Regatta held in Damariscotta (Maine). TLC goes into growing a 450 lb orange pumpkin boat. Then, it gets painted (this time a cow) and finally, a little surgery to open it up and off you go. Well almost.

Last year I won the race, but this time I rolled the pumpkin 3 times before the race started and it was all over. I quite literally, had a cow. You never know how a pumpkin will handle until you get into it. Even then, you can make adjustments trimming weight on one side or another or adding sandbags for additional weight.

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My “ship” looked wonderful until I squeezed into it and found I had only 2 – 3 inches of freeboard. So, every time I moved a little water came over and it made things worse. I will post the pictures of my giant Cow-umpkin later this week. So, the agony of defeat makes me more resilient to do better next Columbus day!! Heck, I just want to be in the race….my reputation is on the line.

On October 14th, we get to enjoy the Hunter’s Full Moon. It occurs at 4:02 pm (Eastern). Names were assigned by Native Americans who associated Full Moons with activities on earth. This Full Moon allowed for hunting later into the night.

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