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Gardener’s Soap Recipe

Make your own soothing comfrey soap for the gardener’s hands.


Grate a few bars of ivory or homemade soap. Stir in 2 T. baby oats cereal and set aside. Make a comfrey tea by picking fresh comfrey leaves and chop fine. The herb comfrey can be found growing wild in undisturbed fields. Comfrey is very healing to a gardener’s hands. Put 1 c. chopped leaves in a warm jar and cover with boiling water. Screw on lid and let this steep at least 20 minutes.

Add a little of this comfrey tea to the grated soap a little at a time until you can work up a bar of soap. Or place in a soap mold if you prefer. Allow drying completely before using.

Calendula or plantain, or a combination of all three herbs, including comfrey could comprise the 1 c. of herb leaves used to make this soap and would produce a great soothing gardener’s soap, as all are of great benefit to the hands.

~Excerpted from Pearls of Garden Wisdom by Deborah Tukua and Vicki West. This lovely book contains over 500 helpful tips, recipes and resourceful ideas. It is on sale now at the FATV shop.

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